The Outsiders Imagine: Ponyboy and Johnny Fighting Over Reader

You walked up the steps to the Curtis house, shoulder to shoulder with your good buddy Two-Bit, as you had walked into him on your way there. You walked into the house, Steve and Soda in the kitchen playing cards, Darry at work, Dally sitting there staring into space and Johnny and Ponyboy sitting on the couch, a big space between them unoccupied. Two-Bit dashed over to the free floor space in front of the television and sat tight as the show started. A five year old trapped in a late-teen’s body- except for the drinking bit.

You smiled and greeted your two close/ could be considered best friends and sat in the tight space between them just for kicks, but was surprised when they didn’t oppose. The space seemed to get tighter and tighter, Johnny’s shoulders digging into yours and Pony’s elbows jutting you right in the gut every time he fidgeted in place. You shot them both a look, but they pretended not to notice, eyes glued into the television. You decided to go and hang with Soda and Steve, and started off into the kitchen. “(Y/N), wait!” Ponyboy called after you. “Yeah?” He stood in front of you, a small blush creeping into his cheeks, making your heart melt.

“After dinner, would you maybe want to come to the Nightly Double with me? There’s a new beach movie and I don’t wanna go alone.” You nodded slowly, and looked back at the couch to see Johnny sending what looked like a glare to Ponyboy. “What’s wrong, Johnnycake?” He snapped out of it and turned his face to the floor, shaking his head. “Do you wanna come, Johnny? We don’t mind, do we Pony?” Pony gritted his teeth and nodded, managing to let something like “it’ll be fun” escape from in between his tightly shut lips.

“I’ll meet y’all there. C’ya in a few.” You walked out, leaving the two there to silently scoff at each other contemptuously.

“It wa supposed to be a date.” Pony said to Johnny as they walked together to the drive-in. Even though he wasn’t the happiest, and a little jealous of Johnny, he didn’t deserve Pony to rag on him on top of his folks. He wouldn’t yell and curse, but he wouldn’t act like everything was okay. “She invited me, so.” Johnny said sassily. Pony shot him a glare. “Ever heard of an empty gesture?” Pony fired back. Before Johnny could reply, you came into view, and you all walked in together, you in the middle of the two boys.

All through the movie was uncomfortable, as Johnny and Pony were so close you could barely think straight, different scents and whatnot wafting into your nose. Johnny had risked getting belted and doused himself in his father’s cologne, you discovered. Pony stole two bottles, know from each Soda and Darry, and decided he likes Soda’s better, not holding back on how much he put on either. Both of their hair had extra grease in it, and it looked like Johnny had slicked his to the side tonight. You were confused by the two boys’ actions, you didn’t know what was going on. You had never been in a relationship, and due to the gang’s protectiveness of you, you had never even been approached or hit on by a boy.

You went to go get some popcorn, and both boys shot up. You rolled your eyes and, deciding you couldn’t take whatever they was doing, strolled right out of the movie theater. They followed suit, and you stood a few feet from the exit into a dusty dirt-clearing, your arms crossed. “What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Pony asked. “I should be asking you two the same things. What’s going on?! You’re both acting… Weird.” Johnny and Ponyboy both exchanged glances and sighed. “Listen. We both dig ya a lot, and we just wanted to see who ya’ll liked more.” Johnny told you. You looked back at both teenage boys. “Pony, is this true?” He nodded sheepishly. “So? Who d’ya like more?” Pony asked. You ran your fingers through your hair. “Guys… I don’t think I’m ready to be in a relationship right now, or I just plain don’t wanna. And I don’t think of you in ‘that’ way… You’re like my brothers.” You sighed. They both looked down at their feet. “Besides, if I am, I might even have my eyes set on a certain someone.” Their heads snapped up, something like jealousy and confusion etched in every square of their features.


You bit your lip and smiled, “Two-Bit Mathews.”

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