Pregnancy Preference Series: Telling Them You’re Pregnant- Johnny

(This one is based off of my fifth grade teacher- she told us the story of how she discovered she was pregnant over the summer before we were her homeroom!)

You found out when you were at the doctor’s office. You broke your big toe, and it was discovered that you needed surgery for it to fully recover.

You anxiously waited for the checkup before the actual procedure in your doctor’s room. Johnny was at work and you took off. The doctor came in, looking at your files. “Well, (Y/N), I was looking over your files yesterday and something caught my eye. We might not be able to perform surgery on you after all.

“B-but you told me I might need it?” You said. “Yeah, well it’ll have to wait. You’re pregnant (Y/N). We can’t go through with it until the baby is born.

You looked at your doctor incredulously as he talked on and on, and the more you thought about it the more possibility it was true. He held a cordless phone out to you and the first person you called to tell the news was Johnny.

“(Y/N)! How’s the checkup going, everythin’s goin fine?” He started to panic when he heard your sobs through the receiver. “(Y/N)? What is it what’s the matter?” “I can’t get the surgery, Johnny.” “Well, sure ya can! We’ve got just enough money I-I told ya we could pull through just fine if ya did-” “No Johnny! It has to wait.” The other end was silent. “Well…. Why?” “Johnny, I’m pregnant!” You smiled and wiped your tears of joy.

“What? And you’re sure about this?” “Yeah the doctor just told me and everythin’.” “(Y/N) I’m over the moon!” His voice dropped low and you heard something like his boss in the background. “(Y/N), I am happy and all but we’ll talk more when I’m home, yeah? The boss is doin’ my head in right now. You’re okay about this right?” “Yes!!” “Well alright, baby. I’ll see ya both when I get home. I love you.” “I love you too.” You then ended the call and handed it back to the doctor when he came into the room. “Congratulations, (Y/N).” “Thank you so much!” You stepped down and slipped on your shoes before walking to the car.


He wrapped you in a hug when you came home and since then hasn’t let you out of his sight. “Johnny, nothin’ll happen if ya turn your head for five seconds! I’m fine, the baby’s fine! We’re fine babe, quit worryin’.” You wrapped your arms around him and he hooked his around your waist. “I’m sorry baby. I just don’t want anythin’ happenin. You- the baby- you’re both my life now. And it’s my job to worry and protect you both.” He kissed your forehead and you sighed.

“D’you want a girl or a boy?” “A boy’d be nice. How about you?” “I just want it healthy, then fingers ten toes and smiling.” You said. “Who do you think he or she’d look more like?” “I’d like them to be beautiful like their mother.” He kissed your forehead. “Baby names?-” “(Y/N), lets just get there first.”

It was night time and you were both tired from this long, eventful day. You were both cuddled in bed, his hand hovering protectively over your belly. “I love you, and I love you.” He whispered before drifting off into a deep sleep. You smiled and hugged closer to him, happy to have found someone as amazing as he was.

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